BA Trialling Reusable Electronic Luggage Tags

By Gary Cutlack on at

Creative agency Designworks has designed and built this all-digital modern version of the luggage tag at the request of British Airways, which will be testing the system out later this month.

The developer of the device says users will be able to read data held on the tag by accessing it via a smartphone (either with NFC or a barcode reader), although that sounds a bit more cumbersome than simply looking at a printed old tag with your eyes.

The idea is the digital system might speed frequent fliers though the gates a little quicker, but again, in a world in which travellers have to spend half a day in a queue while being dehumanised by putting all their toiletries into plastic bags and having their shoes X-rayed for knives and bombs, it's not really addressing the biggest problem with flying anywhere today.

Plus it'll be a shame to see them go, as finding a tatty old bag tag hanging off your rucksack is often a pleasant reminder of previous hols and fun had. So no, we'll stick with the old ones, thanks. Looks cool, though. [Designworks via Engadget]