BBC Home Page Clock to be Pulled After ONE Complaint

By Gary Cutlack on at

Did you know there's a clock on the BBC's home page? Well there is. That's it there in a screenshot. The problem is, it uses your PC's system time to display the time, so if your PC's set wrong so is the BBC's clock. And for that petty reason alone, it's going to be removed.

Even more puzzling is the fact that the chunky retro clock's getting binned after one person complained about it, such is the nature of the BBC. An investigation launched by the broadcaster into the clock's status (!) found it would take around 100 days of labour to correct it to use a standardised local time reading, and as such it's cheaper to just bin it altogether.

Th BBC found that the public might be disappointed by seeing a wrong clock on the BBC, and that this would be: "...not consistent with the Guideline requirement for the BBC to do all it can to ensure due accuracy in all its output." [Daily Mail]