Brewer Accused of "Cultural Vandalism" Over Quaint Pub Sign Rebranding

By Gary Cutlack on at

Brewer and pub chain Greene King is dumping around 200 classic painted pub signs that depict names such as the Crab & Winkle and Dog & Partridge, in favour of replacing them with generic green and gold banners highlighting its preferred term of "Pub and Flame Grill" instead. Men who favour cloudy ciders are not happy.

The use of ludicrous pub names dates back to a time when large chunk of the population couldn't read, so they'd look out for a pretty picture that represented the name of the local boozer instead. The chain's decision to remove some of the madder pub signs out there and replace them with simple lettered signs has been criticised by drinkers and historical groups, who say pubs now resemble garage forecourts as a result.

Anthony Collis, vice chair of the Inn Sign Society (yes, really) told ITV: "It is very sad that a tradition such as this is being swept away as brewers feel they have to change things. Big business is transforming the familiar landscape that we have come to recognise and unfortunately there seems that nothing can be done." [Telegraph]