Chairs Designed By Little Kids Are Hideously Adorable

By Eric Limer on at

An eye for good design isn't something you're born with; you've got to learn it. But everyone has to start somewhere, and this is what it looks like when kids take their very first awkward stabs at furniture design. The results are sort of horrifyingly cute.

The little experiment was orchestrated by Kingston University students Jack Beveridge and Joshua Lake who showed up to class full of seven and eight year-olds with a simple instruction: draw a chair. When all was said and done, they picked two of the designs and got to work.

The result was the green, "Deniss the Menace" roll-y chair you see above, and a totally bitchin' yellow rocker with a built-in fish tank. Beveride and Lake have tenative plans to execute on more of the childish designs at some point down the line, but these two are definitely a good start. [Creative Review via Designboom]

Chairs Designed By Little Kids Are Hideously Adorable