Chrome For iPhone Just Got Faster and Smarter

By Sam Gibbs on at

Chrome for Android's been getting huge boosts left, right and centre, and while Apple's draconian App Store restrictions mean Chrome on iOS is never going to be quite as good, it just got a kick in the pants in the speed department and a boost to its voice search intelligence.

Just like Google's new more vocal voice search on Android and the desktop, Chrome on the iPhone and iPad remembers context and now speaks back to you, tackling Siri head-on. In fact, it's actually faster than Siri for the most part.

On the ordinary browsing side, pages should now reload a lot faster regardless of your data connectivity at the time. It should make the whole experience a lot more snappy, considering you're severely limited to how many Chrome tabs you can have open and actually active at any one time by iOS, and normally have to reload 'em when you come back to them. [iTunes via TUAW]