Do You Really Care That GCHQ Is Spying on Your Internet?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Friday night brought the revelation that the UK government is watching, or more specifically its GCHQ digital lapdog is. Following on the from the US PRISM scandal, it seems the UK is going even further. The thing is, do you really care?

It seems strange to me to actually be asking this, because my gut reaction is: "Of course we bloody care. How dare they?!" But as I spoke to my friends and family outside of the tech bubble, I discovered that they generally really don't. In fact, most people seemed to have just assumed that the government was spying on us all, meaning the confirmation that it is indeed snooping on us, came as less of a shock and more of an affirmation of their preconceived thoughts.

I guess you could see it as GCHQ doing its job and keeping us safe from terrorists, which is a good thing, but who decides what can and can't be digitally rifled through? CCTV cameras basically watch our every physical move, so what's wrong with the digital equivalent?

Anyway, as tech-minded people, do you really care that the GCHQ's spying on us all, tapping our data, reading our messages, learning our innermost Facebook secrets, watching you watch dodgy movies?