Double Music Player: Two Different Earbuds, Two Different Songs

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Most people have pretty terrible taste in music—it's a fact. But you, you're different. So what are you supposed to do when you happen to forget your headphones, and the only ones nearby are in use by one of the aforementioned good-taste-challenged? Why, bust out Double Music Player, of course.


What does it do?

Takes the music from your music library and lets you pick two different songs for either headphone. You can even adjust the volume for either one. A simple trick, sure, but a highly convenient one, too.


Why do we like it?

There are plenty of occasions (traveling, commuting, laying in the sun, etc.) that you might find yourself required to share headphones with a friend. And with sharing comes compromise, which can be highly unpleasant when it means you listening to a song that makes your hair curl. But with this, you can share, bond, and still stay true to your own musical preferences.

Double Music Player, download this app for: iOS, Free.

The Best: Double volume control

The Worst: People will continue to make poor music choices.