EE's 4G Is Going PAYG This Summer

By Sam Gibbs on at

Good news for those scared of signing their lives away on contract (even for just 30-days at a time): EE's punting new 4G pay-as-you-go plans. Unfortunately, it's seemingly just data, aimed at tablets and MiFis, but it's a start. Who actually uses their phone for anything but data these days, anyway?

You'll essentially be able to buy bundles of data, or just put credit on and use away, as you would any other PAYG service. It'll be available this summer, with pricing and exact dates for availability coming soon. Just don't expect it to be all that cheap.

Possibly more interesting for those with a 4G-enabled phone and tablet (you big spender you), EE's going to be doing shared data plans, which will essentially give you one bundled bill for multiple devices. To be honest, this sounds utterly sensible, and something I've wished networks could have done ages ago. Details on pricing and availability are "coming soon", again, but expect a summer launch for shared plans too.

In the meantime, may I suggest taking a quick butcher's at why you don't need no stinking contract anymore? [EE]