EU to Ban ISP Throttling and Site Blocking as Part of Cross-European Net Neutrality Laws

By Gary Cutlack on at

European vice president Neelie Kroes is looking to block some of the more anti-competitive practices carried out by ISPs, thanks to a proposed EU-wide net neutrality law that would stop ISPs limiting bandwidth used by troublesome or competitive apps and services.

The move would, for example, stop your ISP limiting the connection speed you see when streaming YouTube clips or connecting via Skype and other VoIP systems. Kroes claims "some ISPs deliberately degrade those services, or block them outright, simply to avoid the competition" and it's leaving many Europeans with an internet connection that's less robust and useful than the one they might expect and, importantly, are paying through the nose for.

This isn't about how your ISP manages and shapes traffic down your bit of the pipe, unfortunately. That's said to be perfectly reasonable behaviour, as without it the entire service could degrade for everyone. [The Register]

Image credit: EU flags from Shutterstock