Eye-Fi Mobi Sends Photos to Your Phone, No Internet Connection Required

By Michael Hession on at

Eye-Fi cards have been around since 2006 as a way to wirelessly transmit your digital camera photos to your computer or mobile device. The catch was that you had to connect to a Wi-Fi network before in order to do so. Not so with the new Eye-Fi Mobi.

The new Mobi cards will let you transfer photos absolutely anywhere, since the card is its own Wi Fi hotspot. You just have to download a free app for iOS or Android and connect it with your card, a process that Eye-Fi claims is simple and seamless. We hope so, because the setup process for the original Eye-Fi cards was a real pain.

The Eye-Fi Mobi is available now in the US at around £35 for an 8 GB card, and £55 for a 16 GB card (both Class 10). A UK release will follow at an unannounced later date. [Eye-fi]