Five Pisstaking Videos to Sum Up the Console Wars

By Chris Mills on at

According to the acknowledged font of all internet knowledge, Reddit, Sony has won the console war. We're not so sure; but in any case, post-E3 feels like a good time to take a moment, recover, and examine the past few months' console war via the medium of YouTube sarcasm.


Back in January, Sony had a mammoth two-hour PS4 event where they didn't actually bother to show the console. This three-minute video sums it up perfectly.


Microsoft showed their wares off a few months later, but people were a little creeped out by the all-seeing Kinect eye, as this kinda shows. Creepy eye is creepy.

Last night, Microsoft did their E3 reveal, to much hatred and loathing. Again, this is the short, funnier, less corporate version.


The world also grew a perverse fascination with the Call of Duty dog (or as he's known on Twitter, collarduty).


Sony then finished Microsoft off by violently and aggressively rubbing salt all over Microsoft's gaping wounds. Mean, guys.