GiffGaff's Going to Start Selling Phones Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

Making a departure from its steadfastly SIM-only approach, it seems O2's cheaper, community-run arm is going to start flogging phones. How GiffGaff's going to actually do it, well, that's still up for debate.

Like everything GiffGaff, the members get a say. Right now, the MVNO has essentially put its foot forward and said it wants to sell phones too, but it's going to let you all pick how it goes about doing that. In fact, if you want your say you can hit the community and give your 2p right now.

Is GiffGaff smart to start selling phones? Its whole ethos is based around low-cost, value-centric plans, like £12 a month for unlimited data, and how phones, which are pretty expensive things on the whole, are going to fit into that is unclear. GiffGaff might just end up subsidising phones as much as PAYG contracts do on other networks, which is by practically nothing, usually.

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. If I were GiffGaff I'd be focussing on offering cheap 4G plans instead, but I guess that relies on Daddy O2 actually allowing its MVNO access to its new 4G network. [GiffGaff]