Guess What the World's Most Consumed Spirit Is

By Sam Gibbs on at

In the world of booze there's just so much to choose from. You've got your fine wines, stoic ales, and enough crisp lagers to sink a battleship, but you'd be surprised just how many billions of spirits are drunk globally. What's your bet for the most consumed liquor?

According to the latest stats from IWSR, courtesy of the Economist, 27 billion litres of booze were quaffed world wide, with China accounting for some 38 per cent of that little lot. But it's the Russians and their legendary vodka that take the crown with some 4.44 billion litres of the stuff drunk just last year. Runner up is rum, with good old scotch and gin rounding out third and fourth, with tequila bringing up the rear.

The really amazing thing from all this is just how much the Russians drink per person, annihilating everyone else with some 13.9L of vodka on average per person per year. That's an insane amount. [Economist]


Image credit: Booze from Shutterstock