Here's the New iPhone 5S on the Production Line, Apparently

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems Apple's leaking like a sieve right now, or at least its Chinese manufacturers are. After photos of the back of the thing, its lozenge-shaped flash, and even a prototype made their way onto the internet, here's a supposed spy shot of iPhone 5S parts flying down the assembly line.

Pinch-of-salt time, but if true, it's not like it really tells us much, other than the fact that Apple's next iPhone is in production right now, and that, like the prototype, it barely looks any different from the current generation iPhone 5.

It could be utter rubbish of course, but something tells me this is a bit close to the bone to be faked. Treat as rumour for now, but expect expect to see much more where this came from over the coming months. [Weibo via gforgames via 9to5Mac]