Hey Look, Another Boring Samsung Android Phone

By Chris Mills on at

Another dull Monday morning, and another dull Samsung generiphone to match. The Galaxy Ace 3 is a 4-inch budget 'Droid offering that should perfectly plug the gaping hole in Samsung's range, between its 3.97-inch cheap Android phone and its 4.2-inch cheap Android phone.

The processor is a 1.2Ghz dual-core affair, powering a 480x800 TFT screen and the usual smorgasbord of radios (though notably, there's a 4G version here as well). The rear camera is a 5-megapixel shooter, with some kind of blurry VGA webcam bolted on the front for Skype and selfies.

The only standout stuff here, to be honest, is the software: Android 4.2 is a pretty good effort for a (presumably) cheap phone; moreover, Samsung have kitted the Galaxy Ace 3 out with all the bloatware additional features found on the Galaxy S4, like S Translator, S Voice, Smart Stay and that terrible "Shot With Sound" camera mode. Sadly, the gesture control and hover previews from the S4 didn't make the jump; even so, it's a pretty good collection of features for a budget phone, assuming that tiny processor can run them, of course.

Pricing and availability is still to be announced, but it's a fair bet we'll see the Ace make an appearance at Samsung's London event later this month.

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