iOS 7 Beta Mk. 2 is Here, Complete With an iPad Version

By Chris Mills on at

Just as promised, Apple has updated the beta of iOS 7, pushing out the second revision for iPhones, and more excitingly, a version for iPad (both Mini and full-fat). 9to5Mac's already posted a bunch of screenshots, and it looks like yes, the steam-rollered flatness goes all the way up to iPad size.

The iPad version has all the differences you'd expect when going up to the bigger screen -- apps are re-thought, with a different layout. However, the design language is pretty much in line with what we've seen so far from iOS 7 on iPhone.

Speaking of which, beta numero duo has seen some not-insignificant changes to iOS 7 for iPhone: Voice Memos is back; you can pick a gender for Siri; the Reminders app is totally re-thought; but most usefully, there's now a way to see the exact time Messages were sent and received (something Apple appears to have forgotten when leaving Symbian behind).

Hop over to 9to5Mac for the full screenshot-by-screenshot breakdown, or if you're one of those developer types, the downloads are just a-waiting in the Dev Centre (or on the torrents, for that matter). [9to5Mac]

All images credit 9to5Mac