Is Your Nexus 7 Suffering from Early-Onset Tech Failure?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Nexus 7 became the first smash hit for Google's tablet ambitions, with the Asus-made device sold for a cheap price and offering what was an extremely high tech spec for the time. However, angst within the Android community claims it's now breaking en masse, with the blame pointed at failing cheap components. If you've got one, how's it doing?

The complaint comes via a post and stacks of owner comments over on Android and Me, with users echoing the writer's opinion that the Nexus 7 has gone from the best tablet he's owned to the worse, as glitches, freezes, lag and other flaws gradually degrade the experience over time, turning it from flagship showcase to the equivalent of a £50 no-brand disaster.

Is it cheap memory failing too fast or another hardware issue, a few rogue devices as you might expect from such a successful and widely-used product, or the more common crime of simply loading it to breaking point with apps and media and hammering it for 16 hours a day then expecting it to last forever? [Android and Me]