Join Facebook's Android Beta Scheme for Early Access to the New Stuff

By Gary Cutlack on at

Facebook, which has been criticised for years for providing an Android app of rather variable quality, has launched a beta scheme so users can get in on the very latest app features and revisions before they hit the mainstream.

They want you to work for it, though. Instead of just downloading it through the Play Store, Facebook insists potential beta testers are required to first join the beta testers Google Group and click an approval form, which will allow them to install an alternate version of the Facebook app on their phones through Google's servers.

Install it and you find yourself running version 3.4 of the app, which comes with a "report a problem" menu option that automatically captures a screenshot of the page and sends it off with an accompanying note to the developers. And incredibly, after years of complaints, this latest version of the app can now be moved to SD card. [Facebook]

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