Local Councils Forced to Welcome Live-Tweeters, Bloggers and Video Cameras

By Gary Cutlack on at

The hotbed of angst and bitterness that is your average local council meeting will now be fully open to the public, with Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Local Government, demanding local councillors let themselves be photographed, filmed and tweeted about while doing their business.

Previously, councils have been allowed to (or have decided to) set their own rules regarding who can and can't attend and report on meetings, with some heated exchanges resulting in members of the public being chucked out for reporting and tweeting from inside council chambers.

That's going to stop now, with Pickles demanding councils welcome all journalists pro and am alike to report on their meets, saying: "Data protection rules or health and safety should not be used to suppress reporting or a healthy dose of criticism. Modern technology has created a new cadre of bloggers and hyper-local journalists, and councils should open their digital doors and not cling to analogue interpretations of council rules." [Telegraph]

Image credit: Meeting from Shutterstock