Man Calls Police to Report Disappointingly Ugly Prostitute

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Birmingham man called the police and threatened to report a prostitute for breaching the Sale of Goods Act, after finding his paid-for potential sex partner wasn't quite as attractive as she'd claimed before they met.

The police released a recording of the call, in which the punter claims the lady "mis-described and misrepresented herself totally" in her sex services advert, leading to angry scenes when he met her and refused to actually indulge in the act with the poor woman.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police explained the case, saying: “A 999 call was received by police at around 7:30pm on Tuesday evening from a man wishing to complain about a sex worker he had met on a hotel car park. The caller claimed that the woman had made out she was better looking than she actually was and he wished to report her for breaching the Sale of Goods Act."

The prostitute (definitely not pictured in the reconstruction above), took his car keys and threw them away, but ultimately avoided any charges. The man was tracked and cautioned for wasting police time. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Prostitue from Shutterstock