Microsoft's Cash4Hacks Bounty Hunt Wants Your Windows 8.1 Exploits in Return For Money

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft has launched a three-pronged attack on Windows bugs, offering users and hackers the chance to win big cash money if they can spot -- or develop -- a way to hack its latest desktop OS or Internet Explorer 11.

The biggest of the big money can be won/earned in the Mitigation Bypass Bounty category, with MS offering around £64,000 to anyone that can demonstrate "truly novel exploitation techniques" that exist within its newest Windows 8.1 Preview code. There's also £32k on offer if you can submit a method of patching up a discovered hole, plus about £7,000 to anyone that can run malicious code by exploiting the new Internet Explorer 11 Preview browser.

It's an open invitation to have a pop at Microsoft and no one's going to get in any trouble. Get in there, if you can find a way, and have the faintest idea of where and how to start. [Microsoft]