MicroUSB Stick is the Answer to Phone/Tablet Transfer Woes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tech company Leef heard you liked putting files on your USB stick, so it put a USB connector on your USB connector so you can transfer files via USB. Micro and standard USB connectors on the same device, in fact, so you can get stuff off your phone without using a cable and computer.

It's quite a clever idea and might be handy if you want to locally transfer a few video files from a phone to a tablet without using a desktop or going through the fuss of linking up Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, plus it'll work out of the box with Android hardware (running 4.1 or higher), PCs and Macs.

The dual-USB Leef Bridge is launching shortly, with a US price of $17.99 (£12) for the 16GB model and $28.99 (£19) for a 32GB one. It'll appear internationally later this year, too. [Leef via Geeky Gadgets]