New Cars Will Have Emergency GPS and Help-Calling Systems From 2015

By Gary Cutlack on at

The European Commission has signed off legislation covering its proposed eCall device, which will require car makers to stick a GPS device and automatic calling system inside every car. The idea being it instantly phones for help if you have an accident and might, therefore, save lives.

It'll be plugged into the cross-European 112 emergency system, so you'll be able to tackle bonkers mountain roads safe in the knowledge that someone might know about it if you go through a barrier and finish upside-down and on fire in a picturesque forest.

As well as phoning for help, the EC claims the system might be of some use to insurers, as it could help monitor driving and assist in tracking down stolen vehicles -- although it stresses the system is not "always-on" by default, so won't lead to Google/America being able to track and/or target you with relevant advertising.

The EC reckons this self-help technology will only add around €100 (£85) to the cost of a new car. [The Register]

Image credit: Car crash from Shuterstock