Next-Gen Call of Duty Ghosts Demoed in Glossy 30-Minute Trailer

By Gary Cutlack on at

Activision and Call of Duty Ghosts developer Infinity Ward have put together an exceedingly American advertorial broadcast to promote the game, giving us yet more detail on the much-mocked dog character and, thankfully, a hole stack of next-gen gameplay footage.

The broadcast, presented by Doritos-lover Geoff Keighley and his polished internet friend iJustine (?), shows loads of in-game action, from the usual shooting stuff that people still don't seem to be bored off, to the new underwater sections that see the hero rather stupidly wielding a machine gun while swimming around in full diving gear.

You even get to see the infamous dog wearing its motion capture gear in the behind-the-scenes clips. This could well be the stupidest CoD yet. [YouTube via Geeky Gadgets]