NFC Use DOWN as Confusion Over Apps, Phones and Systems Puts Everyone Off

By Gary Cutlack on at

The NFC dream would appear to be in tatters at the moment, as data shows that our use of the niche wireless payment system has plummeted by around 40 per cent in terms of transaction value over the last year. We literally can't be bothered working it all out.

The data comes from analyst Gartner, which claims "disappointing" adoption of NFC is slowing the growth potential of mobile payments in general, with even the big names like Google Wallet "struggling to gain traction" as the phone makers, credit card companies, banks and networks all baffle us with their competing mobile wallet systems.

In fact, despite the NFC hype, the analyst reckons the wireless system will only account for a shockingly low two per cent of all mobile money transactions in 2013, although this will limp up to around five per cent by 2017.

That's why the lady on the till looks at you funny when you try to pay for a Twix with your phone. [Cnet]