North Korea Has a Homemade iPad Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yes, that's right, North Korea has its own tablet now. Meet the Samjiyon, which is basically an iPad or Nexus 10, with one tiny difference -- it kinda lacks the most important bit, you know, the Internet.

The tablet seems to just be a glorified propaganda machine, with books and video informing the people just how amazing Kim Jong Un is. Also, it has Angry Birds, well, "Slingshot", but you get the idea.

At least this is one outlet for the dictator's power that doesn't include building machines of mass destruction or killing people. Maybe some enterprising hacker can jailbreak the thing and add Internet in there somewhere. I just get the feeling young Kimi would be better spending his credits on making sure the whole country has electricity 24/7, but maybe that's just me. [NowThisNews via BuzzFeed]