Now There's Something You Might Finally Use Passbook For in the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

Pushing the digital ticket to its logical Apple-themed extension, BA's finally added Passbook support to its iPhone app, meaning there might be something other than Starbucks to use with Passbook in the UK.

A quick look through the list of apps available for Passbook in the UK shows quite a few airlines, including EasyJet apparently, but most of them aren't really aimed at the UK. In fact, the only Passbook-enabled app I've ever used has been the Starbucks one, and that just displays your pre-pay card's barcode. Not exactly the promised land of oodles of coupons, tickets, and location-based offer apps that Apple claimed Passbook would usher in -- you can't even get your Tesco Club Card or Nectar card on the thing.

Joining BA recently, Apple pushed Passbook support for its iTunes Festival app for this year's set of London-based free gigs. So there's that, too. [iTunes via TUAW]