PayPal Accidently Tells Legions of People They've Won €500 (But They Haven't)

By Sam Gibbs on at

Surprise! You've won €500, was the message that supposedly appeared in a load of people's inboxes direct from PayPal recently. And even though it sounded so very much like a dodgy phishing attempt, it was in fact just a total cock-up by PayPal itself.

It seems the automated message was sent out by accident. Apparently PayPal was in the midst of identifying who was eligible for entry into its cash prize draw, scanning transactions. But instead of simply dumping the list of names into a virtual hat, it decided to pre-emptively email the whole lot of them, telling them they'd all won.

So, as you might expect, a load of people excitedly clicked the link to check their PayPal balances, knowing that there was indeed a real competition for 10 people to win €500 a day. Unfortunately their bank balances were none-the-richer, leading many PayPallers to conclude that they'd just been phished, spreading panic and confusion among users.

Nice one PayPal. Next you'll be telling us that you just so happened to email everyone in the CC section, giving all the disappointed non-winners some new friends to console them. Morons. [Facebook via TNW]

Image credit: Ooops from Shutterstock