Raspberry Pi Made Simple With HDMI, Ethernet and Keyboard Starter Kit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Just under £40 gets Raspberry Pi users a super-simple media management solution, with the Element 14 bundle containing a wireless keyboard, HDMI connector and an Ethernet cable for easily whacking together your home media powerhouse.

The kit, which is being sold under the rather workmanlike name of XBMC Solution, also comes with a 4GB SD card the device can read, upon which the maker has pre-loaded a copy of popular Pi media management tool Raspbmc via an all-in-one self-booting build. All you need is a Raspberry Pi Model B to plug it all into and away you go.

A review from a user of the Element 14 forum gives you a slightly better idea of what to expect from the DIY expansion kit. [Element 14 via Engadget]