Rumour: This is the Butt-Ugly Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

By Chris Mills on at

We'd previously heard that an oversized camera version might be joining the Samsung Galaxy S4 range, and now there are alleged photos to prove it. We've got both a leaked press image, courtesy of SamMobile, and some subtely-shot-from-the-hip hands-on shots. They all confirm one thing: no, you can't make a respectable phone with an optical zoom.

Although we don't have confirmation that the low-res-tastic hands-on photos from TechTastic are real, they at least match the leaked press shot. Sadly, from every possible angle, the S4 Zoom is really shockingly ugly, like a Galaxy S3 got reversed at high speed into a Galaxy Zoom.

Taking a much-needed break from the hardware design, it'll apparently pack a 4.3-inch screen, 1.6Ghz dual-core processor, the normal assortment of radios, and 8GB of internal storage (expandable with microSD). There's no details on the camera, beyond that it'll be 16 megapixels and have that giant optical zoom.

Although camera-focussed phones like the Lumia 925 have proved themselves to be fairly popular, the disappointing flop also known as the Nokia Pureview 808 proved that people aren't really willing to trade usability for having a decent camera. Sadly, that seems to be what Samsung's done here. [TechTastic via TechRadar]

Images credit TechTastic