Set Gestures to Stun with This Futuristic Multi-Touch Mouse

By Eric Limer on at

Whether or not touch is the future, you'll probably still want a mouse in the meantime. Asus' new VivoMouse is a futuristic-looking stopgap, mixing full, multi-touch gestures with good old-fashioned point-and-click. Also it looks like it came from space.

The vaguely phaser-looking device is basically the same as Apple's Magic Mouse, but with Windows 8 users in mind. The VivoMouse has no buttons, but presumably you can emulate your clicks with taps on either side of the circular touchpad space, where you can also perform all the gestures your little heart desires.

The (janky) Microsoft Touch Mouse has been doing this ever since a driver update last year, but if nothing else, the VivoMouse is remarkable for looking like a phaser shacked up with a space pizza-cutter, and somehow got a wireless mouse in on the action. You know, exactly what you're looking for in a mouse. Price and availability TBA. [Gizmodo ES]