Sky Is Jacking Up Its TV Prices Come September

By Chris Mills on at

Inflation's a right bitch -- at least, that's what Sky'd have you believe. Come September, the price of all their TV services will be increasing by "up to 10 per cent", hitting you where it hurts the most -- the remote.

The price increase was spotted in a tiny and subtle addendum to Sky's online store; although price increases aren't specific yet, it's a good bet that Sky will be enforcing its right to hike prices come September. It's a modest increase if you're on the base package -- only an extra £2 a month, at most -- but it could stick the price of the most expensive TV package north of £70 a month, which is a lot of dough for telly. Given that BT are going to be giving away their new TV package for free to existing subscribers, this might not be the wisest ever move on Sky's part.

Sky's keeping mum on the issue so far. [Sky via The Inquirer]