Sony's E3 Trailer Reminds Us We Still Don't Know What the PS4 Will Look Like

By Sam Gibbs on at

Anything Microsoft can do, Sony can attempt to do better. This time it's the war of E3 teaser trailers, and after having seen what the Xbox One has in store, its time to take a look at what Sony's got for us. Frankly, it's difficult to really tell.

All I can really make out are a couple of glimpses of Killzone, God of War and some racing game, which I'm assuming is Gran Turismo, but could be anything. Still, at least we'll finally get to see the actual box of the PS4, probably.

Anything in particular you're looking forward to seeing from Sony's big E3 event next week? I really hope the PS4 hardware looks a little more inspiring than the Xbox One's, at least. [YouTube via Ubergizmo]