The Apple Store's New Mystery Machine Helps Unbreak Your iPhone Screen

By Eric Limer on at

Just the other day, Apple announced that you can now get your smashed iPhone screen fixed in-store for the low (?) cost of around £100, with or without AppleCare in select stores. This is the machine that lets them do it.

This picture of mini-Foxconn that's now sitting behind Genius Bars all over the place was captured by the folks at 512Pixels, but it's a little bit of a mystery. We know it doesn't actually replace the screens, but just calibrates them afterwards. Other than that, how it works is anyone's guess.

So far it's just the screens, but there's some scuttlebutt that even more repair options are going to be coming to Apple stores too, and potentially more equipment like this to handle them. How long before they're just making 'em on demand? [512Pixels via 9to5Mac]