The Asus G10 Desktop Has its Own Mini Battery Pack, For (25 Seconds of) Portable Power

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Asus G10 is a new desktop being pitched at people who worry about power interruptions ruining their work or gaming sessions, with the thing including a proprietary battery that can keep a whole desktop running for around 25 seconds.

The always-on part of the machine comes from the ASUS Power Pack, a small, removable battery that doubles as a miniature uninterrupted power source. The cell is rated at an immense 19,900mAh power capacity. Stick that in a mobile phone, Asus, and we'll definitely have one.

A fourth-gen Intel i7 processor and Nvidia GTX680 graphics card power the rest of the G10's PC stuff. [Asus via Engadget]