The Future of Food Is Insects, Apparently

By Sam Gibbs on at

As the population of the world balloons out of control, we're going to need a better, more abundant food source. Like everything else in the world, smaller is the answer, and when it comes to food, we're talking insects. How do you feel about eating bugs?

While lots of hope has been saddled on GM crops being the answer, when it comes to "meat", well, there's not really a good alternative. However, insects in their various forms are pretty much everywhere, abundant and incredibly easy to produce, in theory at least.

According to the UN there are over 1,900 edible species of insects across the globe, and a good deal of effort is being put into attempting to make the idea of gorging on less-than-juicy bugs more palatable. In fact, in Thailand, they're already basically considered a fast-food staple; it's just us here in the West that find the idea of munching on a cricket a bit disgusting.

If we're happy to eat the insects of the sea, things like prawns, then why not the various crawling, flying and slithering variety on land? [Guardian]

Image credit: Munching on insect from Shutterstock