The Most Insane Tech Offices in the Heart of London Will Make You Hate Your Slide-Free Workspace

By Chris Mills on at

In amongst London's towering sheet glass and crumbling limestone, some of the craziest, whackiest and clearly loonytunes offices are hiding out. Although these look amazing fun, I can't honestly imagine any serious work getting done in a treehouse. And dear god, the slides. Can you imagine the risk assesements?

Mind Candy's office in London undoubtedly takes the title of "Official Batshit Craziest Place to Work 2013". The floor is Astroturf, the offices are treehouses, there's a bubblegum dispenser machine and, of course, a slide. You're not a tech company if you don't have a slide.

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Google's got two offices in London, and they're both pretty sweet. But the engineering headquarters, situated in Victoria, definitely takes the crown. It's slightly less of a kid's playground than Mind Candy's pad, instead using a high-tech Tron-like vibe to kill all that inside-the-box thinking. That said, it does have the stardard-issue tech-office whackiness: the centrepiece of the office is a mini-park, complete with deck chairs and rowboats.

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Skype's office is much more grown-up, the sort of place you can imagine actual work happening, even if there is a pool table stuck in prime meeting-room territory. The design philosophy revolves around a series of 'hubs', which are all outfitted with as much Skype wizadry as you'd expect, to facilitate inter-continental meetings. In the same vein, the meeting rooms are acoustically tuned to stop the sound of thousands of Skype calls reverberating around the office.

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Ticketmaster's just moved into a new office in Angel, north London. Although the upstairs bit of the office is fairly, well, office-y, there's a gorgeous basement social area that transforms into a bar after-hours, complete with a pool table, pinball machines, and the obligatory slide. And, this being Ticketmaster, there's a jukebox stacked full of music.

Google's second London office is in a fairly new skyscraper in St Giles. Being in a corporate building doesn't mean it's a corporate office, though: the doors are all of the pretend watertight kind you'd find on your yellow submarine, the walls are decorated with giant Union Jacks, and there's a rooftop terrace that'd be amazing if it ever stops bloody raining.

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Header image credit: Mind Candy