The PS4 Was Designed to Fit In and Not Embarrass You

By Sam Gibbs on at

When it comes to console design, historically none of them have been particularly sleek. They've been machines created to stand out, to look bold on store shelves and to shout out loud and proud that you're a gamer. Unfortunately that means they're often an eyesore when sat under your sexy-looking TV. That's why Sony designed the PS4 to blend in, look cool, and not embarrass you in polite company.

Talking to Kotaku, Sony's hardware marketing chief described the PS4's design ethos as "something sleek, something people feel proud about including". Apparently Sony's research concluded that when people get these things into their home, they don't want something that clashes with the rest of their home entertainment kit, with their neutral d├ęcor. Essentially they want it black, sleek and without garish colours.

That's why the PS4 is basically a black box with a blue light strip going up the middle of it, and I have to agree with the research. The original white Xbox 360, for instance, was a tad embarrassing to have sitting under your otherwise rather attractive and generally black TV setup. When you brought your parents, or a girl for that matter, back to your place, it shouted right in their faces that you were a gamer. Now, I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but it's unlikely to score you brownie points for being a catch.

It's also pretty small for a first stab at a console generation, which is most appreciated given everything else except our phone screens is getting smaller and smaller. So there you have it -- Sony designed the PS4 to look good under your TV and not embarrass you when you're attempting to get lucky. How very thoughtful. [Kotaku]