These Are Probably the Most Amazing In-Game Graphics You've Ever Seen

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've seen some really fancy-looking graphics out of the PS4 and Xbox One launches and E3, but most of it was pre-rendered. That stuff is meant to look awesome as it was rendered elsewhere and is basically just being played like a video. Unfortunately the in-game stuff normally doesn't come anywhere close. Routine's absolutely stunning gameplay trailer is truly next-gen, though. Feast your eyes on this.

The four-minute video is apparently taken from one of the more complete levels of the up-and-coming survival horror game. It's in the making for both Windows and Mac, and recently made it through Steam Greenlight. There's no info on whether Routine will make it to consoles, but I doubt it. Mind you, it might turn up on the Steam Box, once that eventually arrives.

PC gaming has always looked good, but I've honestly never seen in-game graphics that look this crisp, texture-rich and incredibly detailed. If the action is even half as good as the graphics look, then Routine is going to be truly astounding. [Lunar Software]