This is Pretty Much What Every Bloke Dreams Google Glass Could Be Like

By Sam Gibbs on at

Voice analyser? Check. Object and facial recognition on steroids? Check. Super-creepy combination that lets you tell whether a girl you're chatting up is interested in you, and then gives you hints to her innermost secrets? Of course. It's like Terminator-vision for playboys.

Of course, the guy could probably just pull up in his Ferrari (!), but where's the fun in that? The irony is that, unlike some other videos you might have seen, this isn't a parody. This is seemingly an actual full-on promo video for "Infinity AR". Something tells me privacy advocates would have a field day over anything that actually turned out to operate like this. Still, some of it would be awesome. A built-in satnav that's essentially in your head (OK, more like strapped to your face), that'd be pretty cool. Although cheating at pool, that's not OK, alright? [YouTube]