This is Sony's New SmartWatch 2

By Sam Gibbs on at

Sony's forging ahead with its SmartWatch, despite the previous generation being, well, a bit crap. The SmartWatch 2 is Sony's attempt to head-off the rumoured Apple iWatch, so let's hope it's actually worth buying this time.

Essentially, Sony's pitching it as an Android accessory, so it's not a dedicated device in and of itself. You'll be able to see your calls, read your emails, Tweets, Facebook etc, as well as remotely control your phone's camera (as long as you're running Sony's Smart Camera App) -- perfect for all your DIY spying activities. It's got apps too, with things like Runtastic, which could be good for those pounding the streets, as well as a "Presentation Pal" for commanding your PowerPoints from your wrist.

Like Sony's phone line, it'll be water resistant (IP57 splashproof, not actually waterproof apparently), pack Bluetooth 3.0, and have NFC. The 1.6-inch 220x176 pixel touchscreen screen should be readable in bright sunlight according to Sony, while the interface has been made to emulate Android. Battery life is rated at around three to four days, which is OK, I guess.

At 9mm thick, it's not too chunky, but it'll still look like a lump strapped to your wrist being 41.6mm by 41.1mm square. If it was any smaller, though, actually using that screen would be (more) difficult. It'll ship with a black stainless steel wrist band, but other bracelets will be available.

Who knows whether this'll be worth buying; Sony's stoked about it, of course, but it'll have to be a quantum leap over the previous generation to not be utterly terrible. We'll see. Available worldwide from September for an undisclosed price.