This Is the Best Looking Reusable Shopping Sack You've Ever Seen

By Leslie Horn on at

Storage, storage, storage. You can never have enough storage. Especially versatile, multipurpose storage, like the Pia canvas carryall. It doesn't scream the name of some supermarket and it has a nice design.

Plus, it doubles as a storage solution. I must admit I can be kind of messy sometimes. If I don't have a place to put things like books and magazines, they'll pile up in some unsightly manner in a corner of my apartment. So in addition to being good for hauling your groceries, this bag is a nice solution for your reading materials or DVDs or what-have-you. Plus it doubles as a reusable grocery sack. The small version is £15 and the larger is £23. You can't really lose here, because you're being environmentally conscious, and you're organising your crap. [MilkDesign via BLTD]