This Is What Happens When You Launch a Massive Ship Sideways (and Don't Get Out of the Way)

By Sam Gibbs on at

This looks like it seriously hurts, but apparently no one was killed by the flying pieces of wood. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ship launch went as planned, apart from the fact that no one thought to cater for the wooden launch braces underneath the ship. Flying timbers in your face was the result.

The ship set sail back in June 2012, but the videos released of its birthing were all from the other side. Only recently has the horrifying footage from the impact side hit the internet. Apparently, that was meant to happen, but spectators were allowed to stand way too close to the blast radius of the water displaced as the ship hit the surface, which fired the timber fragments out with such pace. Ouch doesn't quite seem to cover it. [Reddit via Jalopnik]