This is What Nvidia's Project Shield Android Console Will Be Capable Of

By Sam Gibbs on at

The beastly portable Android console Nvidia's pumping out, Project Shield, has the potential to really shake up the gaming market, even with the Xbox One and PS4 on the horizon. Like a souped-up screen-equipped Ouya, it'll be powered by the brand new Tegra 4 chip. Wow this thing is going to be powerful.

Of course, Nvidia's Tegra 4 will make its way into other smartphones and tablets, but Project Shield will be the first out of the gate, and probably the only one dedicated to gaming. Just look at the enhanced graphical prowess compared to the already impressive Tegra 3. It's basically fully-fledged console-quality gaming right here.

Let's just hope oodles of really awesome games come out of this. Shield looks like it'll be the holy grail of Android gaming, but without decent titles it'll probably fall flat on its face. [YouTube via SlashGear]