Three's 3G Data Network Is Having Serious Issues Today (Updated)

By Sam Gibbs on at

It looks like Three's data network is down or being intermittent for a load of people right now. We can personally verify that data has been buggered overnight and all morning on Three, but calls and texts are still getting through.

According to the network it's hurrying to fix the crippled data network, which seems to have something broken centrally rather than localised to any particular geographical area. Bad news for a network that basically sells itself as a pipe to the internet.

At the moment we don't know precisely what's happened, but is anyone on Three able to get any data down at the moment? And if so, are you getting normal speeds? [Three]

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Update: Three's been in touch to say that things are slowly getting back to normal. Hopefully it's true and everyone's data is coming back.

"Some of our customers have had problems accessing the internet, we're restoring those services right now. We're happy to say internet access across London is back up and running and the whole network should be back to normal this afternoon, if not sooner. We are sorry for any interruption. Our engineers are working hard to make sure our customers can keep on internetting."