Top Official Samsung Peripherals for your S4

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So, you’ve decided to get yourself the Samsung Galaxy S4. Well done – you’ve just made the best smartphone choice out there. Its combination of a large and expansive Full HD screen, slimline chassis and next-generation features make it one of the most advanced smartphones ever.

And it’s not just the smorgasbord of sensors to enhance your life that make it this way – there are loads of accessories to supercharge, protect and supplement your Galaxy S4 to make it the entertainment hub you need in your life.


S View Cover
Galaxy S4 peripherals

We all love to cover our phones, making sure that the bumps and scrapes of life don’t ruin our prized smartphone possession. But if you want to protect the screen properly you have to put up with not being able to see what’s underneath at a moment’s glance.

Samsung has come up with a clever way to combine the best of both worlds with the S View Cover: bringing together a durable and attractive cover with a window that shows what’s going on with your Galaxy S4.

But instead of a snapshot of a covered screen, the S4 has an intelligent auto-mini S View mode, giving you the key information you need in a low-power, attractive display.


Extra Battery Kit
Galaxy S4 peripherals

We’ve all been there: needing a spot more battery power at crucial moments. Thanks to the fact the Galaxy S4 allows you to switch out your power pack and pop in a fully-juiced option that will give you hours and hours more fun on the go, you don’t need to worry about that these days, with the Extra battery pack giving you a handy boost.

And when charging is not an option, you’ll always have this little guy around – plus the inbuilt stand means that you’ll have someone to place your Galaxy S4 at a convenient angle for everything from reading messages to watching movies.


Wireless Charging Pad/Cover
S4 Galaxy Peripherals

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the world’s most advanced smartphones for a number of reasons, not least because you can dispense with the wires and just plonk your phone down on any wireless charging-enabled surface.

The best of these is obviously the Wireless Charging Pad, as its combination of lightweight design and grippy surface is set to offer the best place to lay down your S4 with its Wireless Charging Cover.

However, with nearly millions of wireless stations installed worldwide, it’s never going to be a problem to top up the juice on the go either.


HD TV adapter
S4 TV adaptor

The GALAXY S4 is a great phone for on-the-go use – but when you want to kick back and watch a movie, listen to music on your home surround sound, or show your photos in real time on a larger display, then you’ve got loads of options here, too.

One of the best is the HDTV Adapter. With one touch you can throw whatever’s on your phone’s display onto the larger screen using the integrated MHL port in the charging socket.

You don’t even need to worry about your S4 running out of life when you’re showing off the latest presentation at work, as the adapter has a built-in power slot to keep your phone’s battery topped up at all times.


S4 Peripherals

Perhaps you won’t want the full cover experience, but still want to find a way to protect your Galaxy S4. If that’s the case then check out the attractive range of pouches on offer for your new device.

Keeping your device looking sleek and stylish might be one thing you’re after, but this is a smart cover in its own way: with the easy-access speaker and microphone slots you can even call on the Galaxy S4 when the phone is in the pouch!


S4 peripherals

Want to keep all your stuff available wherever you are? The Samsung HomeSync, launching this summer, is a really exciting device, giving you a 1TB server which allows you to store and access your music, video, photos and more.

When combined with the Samsung Galaxy S4 you’ll have the ultimate on the go solution: whether it’s the easy connection using NFC for set up or streaming from your HomeSync box using super-fast 4G connections on the go, the Galaxy S4 is the perfect companion.

And with a seamless instant upload the hassle is taken out of having to manually send your content to the HomeSync, so you will feel secure knowing you’ve always got a backup.


S Band
S4 peripherals

S Health is a huge part of the Samsung Galaxy S4, bringing the mantra of ‘Life Companion’ into reality. Whether it’s tracking your steps to make sure you’re active enough or giving you information on diet, the S4 is always there to help you make the right choice.

But if you’re going to for a long run, or don’t always carry your S4 with you, then don’t fret about missing out on dropping those steps into your ever-expanding pool of life improvement! The S Band, set to be available in the very near future, will track your motion using the inbuilt accelerometer and share it with the S4 seamlessly – meaning you’ll always have accurate information at your fingertips.


Body Scale
S4 peripherals

One of the best ways to track health is making sure you stay at a healthy weight – and combined with the forthcoming Body Scale, the Galaxy S4 provides a slick and intuitive interface that makes it easy to keep an eye on those pounds, with a design that’s set to grace any bathroom.

Measuring your mass using Bluetooth to send information to the Galaxy S4, you’ve got an easy and visual way to track your weight using the inbuilt S Health application.

And as it will support up to four users, the whole family can use it too!


Game Pad
S4 peripherals

The forthcoming Game Pad is set to be one of the best Galaxy S4 accessories – given the S4 is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market, this extra is going to make it easy to get the best out of the gaming experience.

With the Game Pad, it’s going to be like having a console in your pocket: the extendable clip holds your phone in place, while the large and ergonomic buttons allow you to perform all manner of functions on the dozens of Game Pad-optimised games available from the Samsung Hub.

And you don’t have to mess around with wires either: the Game Pad will connect to your S4 using Bluetooth, giving you ultimate control over the gaming experience without the need for an expensive set-up. And don’t worry: this ultra-cool accessory is set to land soon, giving even more reasons to invest in this top end handset!