Yes, the Tories are Considering an Ad-Funded London Underground With Stations Renamed by Sponsors

By Gary Cutlack on at

A report by the Conservative party has put forward the idea of letting businesses sponsor tube lines and rename certain stations, with the money raised from the ad binge potentially used to freeze fares.

The plan could raise well over £100m per year, and would bring London in line with other major metro systems around the world. Gareth Bacon, author of the report [PDF], said: "TfL is well behind the curve on this one. We have the potential to command tens, if not hundreds of millions of pounds through sponsorship deals on stations, lines, trains and bus routes."

TfL, though, says the costs of replacing maps and signs throughout the entire network would reduce the financial reward, plus King Boris is against the idea, so it would rather not go through with it at all. [BBC]

Image credit: London Underground from Shutterstock