Try iOS 7 on Any Device (Yes, Even Android)

By Sam Gibbs on at

The phone-obsessed folks over at Recombu have something pretty cool for all those itching to try iOS 7 without potentially bricking their iPhones, or, in fact, for those who don't even have iPhones. They've thrown together an online simulator you can play with right in your browser, even on your Android phone.

Technically it's just a collection of images linked together with javascript, but it's a pretty good replica of how iOS 7 really works, complete with all the default apps etc. It functions fine in the latest version of Chrome on Android (if a bit slow), but should work ok in pretty much any modern browser.

Try it out on your Android and see if you can convince the idiot in the office that you've got the unholy matrimony of iOS 7 on your Nexus 4 or something. [Recombu]