TweetDeck Redesign Post Hits Early, and Christina's Gonna Be Pissed

By Mario Aguilar on at

TweetDeck is pushing out an update today! But something went wrong at Twitter HQ, and nobody bothered to review the post announcing the update before it went live. Don't tell Christina. She's gonna be freaking LIVID.

If you head over to the post now, it's been taken down. Luckily, we captured the post in all it's glory before Twitter took it down.

TweetDeck Redesign Post HitsEarly, and Christina's Gonna Be Pissed

Did Christina ever sign off on the post? We'll never know. We do however know a little bit about the redesign.

And it's pretty nice! Basically, the app's navigation has been moved to the left side, where you'll be able to see a vertical-scrolling list for all of your columns and saved searches in addition to buttons for adding a new column and creating a new list.

TweetDeck Redesign Hits a Tad Early, and Christina's Gonna Be Pissed

This navigation overhaul is nice, particularly if—like us— you use a lot of lists and saved searches constantly every day. We can confirm the update has already hit the Chrome app because we're presently using it. It should hit the Mac and Windows apps soon—Check with Christina T for precise timing on when those hit for sure.