Under the Hood of the Nokia Lumia 925's Camera

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Perhaps the standout feature on Nokia's new Lumia 925 is that shooter whacked on the back. In the day and age where other manufacturers have just seen fit to pop on a few extra megapixels, the Nokia Lumia 925 uses a range of innovative software and hardware trickery to get the best shots.

Obviously, the key to any good camera is the hardware, and Nokia hasn't skimped here. The Carl Zeiss optics come in six separate glass components, to get the best clarity. More importantly, for a camera optimised for shooting in the dark, the Nokia Lumia 925's f-stop goes all the way to a massive 2.0, and there's optical image stabilisation like in that fancy DSLR you have stashed in the draw.

The upshot of that? Well, because the big f-stop lets more light hit that sensor, and the optical stabilisation allows a longer exposure, you can take much better shots at night. Say goodbye to noisy high-ISO messes, and hello to crisp and clear shots of city nightscapes. And let's not forget, all this is crammed into the Lumia 925's supermodel-skinny aluminium body, without giving you a horrible pocket-bulge around the camera.

Of course, the gadgetry's only as good as the software it's married to. The camera interface is as friendly as you'd expect, choosing the right Auto settings when needed, but letting you pick stuff like ISO and exposure when you know better. If you think it's just a bog-standard interface, though, you're wrong. Nokia's Smart Camera function also has all sorts of crazy creative features, like a 10-frame-capturing Action Shot and errant-object-remover.

Action Shot is a headline feature. As always, the problem with trying to shoot goofy tricks with a still camera is that really, you can't do a whole stunt justice with just one frame. Action Shot gets around this, basically overlaying 10 frames on top of one another to show exactly how stupid/talented your skateboarding buddy is.

The Nokia Lumia 925 also has two functions to help you get the shot right first time: Remove Moving Object and Change Faces. Remove Moving Object does exactly what it says on the tin, getting rid of the self-centred person who's just power-walked through your shot. Change Faces is even smarter, allowing you to take faces from a series of group shots, and combine them into one decent master shot where everyone's eyes are open and your granny's not sneezing.

So the best feature of all? The Lumia 925, in all its megapixeled glory, lands on our sunny shores today and you can be one of the first to get your grubby paws on it. All you have to do is head over to Nokia's site, bung your email address in a box, and you'll get one of those normally-annoying-but-this-time-quite-welcome emails in your inbox. It's just too easy.